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Leverage the power of Aprima EHR, PM and RCM for your Urgent Care practice!

Whether it’s documenting patient visits more quickly, easily creating diagnosis-specific plans, efficiently exchanging documents with other providers through integrated messaging and faxing, or enjoying convenient online access to patient prescription history and medicine reconciliation, our Urgent Care customers tell us they have increased overall efficiency since implementing Aprima.

Aprima EHR and PM: Setting the benchmark for ease-of-use, speed and flexibility

Want to simplify your workflow? Aprima frees you from the constraints of templates with an intuitive interface designed to follow the flow of a patient visit. With Aprima’s EHR/PM solution, Urgent Care practices enjoy improvements in quality of care, patient satisfaction, quality of life and their bottom line.

Discover what Aprima can do for your Urgent Care practice.

Speed and efficiency at the point of care

By enabling fast and efficient documentation, Aprima EHR tools help ensure that you’ll spend time with patients, not computers.

  • NO TEMPLATES! Chart the way you were trained to think and follow the flow of your exam no matter what direction it may take.
  • Aprima EHR follows you, instead of making you follow it. Chart by symptom, not by template, for fast documentation.
  • Adaptive Learning lets Aprima EHR learn your preferences as you work. Enjoy a smart EHR that seems to read your mind, so you’ll be up and running with minimal effort.

Ease of documenting multi-problem visits

Aprima makes it simple for providers to define a separate treatment plan for each patient problem.

  • Easily create detailed, diagnosis-specific treatment plans that you can access for patients presenting with similar problems
  • View pre-defined elements of a treatment plan by diagnosis code
  • Automatically generate instructions or educational material for patients based on your specific treatment plans for each diagnosis

True INTEROPERABILITY speeds communication with PCPs

Exchange clinical documents with other providers more rapidly and efficiently with integrated messaging and faxing.

  • Eliminate manual, paper-based workflow: the documents you create can be sent automatically to the patient’s PCP via secure email or into a fax queue at the end of the visit
  • Use integrated Direct Messaging and integrated fax to communicate directly with providers

With Aprima, Urgent Care practices can also:

  • Enable patients to fill out questionnaires and complete their records using a paperless patient kiosk
  • Verify patients’ insurance eligibility and policy coverage in real time
  • Quickly process electronic prior authorizations within the e-prescribing workflow
  • E-prescribe controlled substances
  • Automatically populate the patient’s chart with their vitals and medication history
  • Download patients’ prescribing history to make medication reconciliation faster and more accurate
  • Enjoy easy and rapid access to the medication information you need to detect potential contraindications, lower efficacy or side effects with medications you plan to prescribe

Rapid reimbursement

  • Accept payments more efficiently with integrated credit card processing
  • Store patients’ credit card information upfront to accelerate payment for balances not covered by insurance
  • Receive reimbursement from Medicare and private health insurers more quickly
  • Easily manage both insurance and patient open balances

Enter data your way

Use touch screen, point and click, keyboard, handwriting recognition, transcribing or dictating-you choose the input method or combine them all within the same note!

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