Speed and Efficiency

Speed and Efficiency at the Point of Care

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See for yourself how Aprima documents patient visits with lightning speed.

A single application, built on a single database, the Aprima EHR and PM systems are fully integrated. That’s why our software continues to be one of the fastest products for doing complete visit documentation in real time. Take our Stopwatch Challenge and compare Aprima to ANY EHR!


Using Aprima, I can create a complete follow-up note on a complex patient in 5-10 seconds, and my partner - who thought the EHR was going to drive him into retirement - says he can chart faster with Aprima than he can with pen and paper.

Hank Lubin, MD, Hightstown Medical Associates


Make giant strides in your practice’s efficiency.

Aprima offers intuitive solutions to boost productivity, help you deliver the best care possible, and improve your quality of life. Whether it’s a new patient consult, or a follow up visit, our tools drive speed and efficiency at the point of care.

  • NO TEMPLATES! Chart the way you were trained to think and follow the flow of your exam no matter what direction it may take. No more picking a template before you even know a diagnosis! Multiple problems? Not a problem with Aprima.
  • Aprima EHR follows you, instead of making you follow it. Chart your notes by chief complaints, procedures, problems, or previous visits for fast, intuitive documentation.
  • Adaptive Learning lets Aprima EHR learn your preferences as you work. No special programming skills are required. Get up and running with minimal effort.
  • Intelligent Navigation seems to read your mind. The system presents clinically relevant findings based on presenting symptoms, diagnosis code(s) and your preferred treatments.
  • Seamless movement of data speeds transactions and reduces errors. In addition to the Patient Portal which allows your patients to input data and communicate via secure message, Aprima has thousands of interfaces, including labs, radiology, payers, hospital systems, devices and much more, putting the information you need at your fingertips.
  • Enter data your way. Use touch screen, point and click, keyboard, handwriting recognition, transcribing or dictating - providers can choose the input method they prefer – or combine them all within the same note!

Developed to work the way you do, Aprima frees you from the constraints of templates with an intuitive, free-flowing interface designed to follow the course of a patient visit. Yet in the end, you’ll have structured data to assist you with E&M coding, meeting Meaningful Use and PQRS reporting and managing patient populations like never before.


Our productivity has definitely increased. I’m able to document the physical exams while I’m seeing the patient. By the end of the day, my notes are completed and they’re out to the insurance company for billing.

Thomas Rennie, MD, Rheumatology Associates of South Texas


Aprima mobile app

Aprima Goes Where You Go

Whether you are at the office, at home, at the hospital or even on the go, you can stay in touch and take Aprima with you. The Aprima mobile app, powered by Aprima NOW, delivers the latest in cross-platform technology allowing providers to extend their productivity beyond the four walls of their office.

See why more than 98% of customers who purchased Aprima over the last 10 years are still using it today.

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