Sleep Medicine


Aprima offers Sleep Medicine practices powerful solutions to boost productivity and efficiency. Sleep specialists across the nation are already benefiting from Aprima.

Providers tell us we are saving them valuable time with every patient visit, compared to other systems they have used.

Customized for the needs of Sleep Medicine practices

  • Aprima EHR includes clinical content specific to Sleep Medicine
  • Document Sleep History and Sleep Schedule, as well as order Sleep Studies
  • Patient Portal includes Sleep Medicine exams, as well as the Epworth Sleepiness Scale, so that patients can self-report their sleep issues prior to their visit
  • Ability to interface with Sleep Study diagnostic equipment and import patient results from those tests into Aprima
  • Order BiPAP and CPAP devices and supplies and seamlessly bill your patients for the items or process through insurance claims — our system helps guide you as to which items should be billed to patients or go to insurance
  • Easily bill time for tech fees associated with home studies and lab studies

Lightning speed documentation of patient visits

  • Chart by patient symptom very quickly
  • Perform a paperless workflow from check-in to check-out, saving the time of scanning paper forms
  • Download extensive, self-reported patient information prior to the patient’s visit with one click, so you’ll spend less time documenting sleep history and symptoms during the visit
  • Clinical staff can easily edit content, so you can spend more time with patients and less on paperwork

Simplify your workflow

Through our Patient Portal, your patients fill out a questionnaire prior to their visit in which they answer simple questions that give you a complete picture

of their sleep history. These questions gather information about your patients’ symptoms, such as dry mouth and excessive sleepiness, or problems, such as difficulty using a sleep aid device. Any response that patients answer in the affirmative opens a new line of questioning, such as, Do you nap? Are you able to fall back asleep easily when you wake up at night?

All patient responses are downloaded from the Patient Portal into Aprima EHR in just one click for your reference during the patient visit —  no paper forms to scan. You’ll spend less time documenting information that patients can provide in advance which enables you to focus more of your time on diagnosing and treating your patients. Plus, with a more efficient workflow, you’ll add time to your schedule to see other patients or spend time with your family.

The tools you need to help increase patient satisfaction, patient engagement and your practice’s income:

Ease of navigation

Sleep Medicine physicians say they love the way Aprima operates and how easy it is to navigate the system.

A better patient experience

Aprima’s secure portal empowers patients with 24x7 self-service access to their medical records and physician office. One of the many uses practices find beneficial is posting new patient forms online, so patients can submit information before arriving for their first visit.

Patients are also able to retrieve patient education materials and review/pay their bill online —  all from their computer, tablet or smart phone.

Chronic Care Management

Many patients who seek treatment for sleep disorders also suffer from other chronic conditions. Medicare’s Chronic Care Management (CCM) program allows providers to bill for time they spend on non-face-to-face care coordination services for Medicare patients who have two or more chronic conditions. Aprima’s CCM module helps physicians track their time and ensure they receive proper reimbursement.

Aprima  RCM: Get paid for what  you’ve earned

As an optional service from Aprima, when your practice adopts Aprima RCM, we make sure that you receive all the income you’ve earned, holding ourselves accountable for ensuring you are paid promptly and fully. Best of all, our fees are aligned with your collections. We don’t simply process claims. We have extensive expertise in CMS Medically Necessary Rules, Denial Management, pre-payment audits, insurance recoupments, ICD-10 and Meaningful Use.

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