Whether it’s documenting patient visits more quickly, using automated messaging to create and send notes to referring physicians, taking advantage of timesaving electronic prescribing and electronic prior authorizations or enjoying the convenience of having clinical content and tools all in one place, Rheumatologists tell us they have increased overall productivity and efficiency since implementing Aprima.

Discover what Aprima can do for your Rheumatology practice.

Built-in clinical content and integrated tools include:

  • DAS28: Monitor patients’ rheumatoid arthritis using quantitative measures of disease activities.
  • DMARD: Review DMARD history to see what drugs have been used with the patient and the efficacy of those drugs — information that factors into what new medications insurance will cover.
  • Homunculus Man: Support your physical exams using your pen to electronically document the number and distribution of your patients’ swollen and tender joints and differentiate bony from soft tissue swelling.
  • Infusion Therapy: Use electronic prior authorization for infusion therapies you provide to patients.
  • Vectra DA: Document the results of this advanced blood test to monitor the disease activity of your patients with rheumatoid arthritis over time — helping you to study trends in lab results.

Speed and efficiency at the point of care

Whether it’s a new patient consult, or a follow-up visit, our tools drive speed and efficiency.

  • NO TEMPLATES! Chart the way you were trained to think and follow the flow of your exam no matter what direction it may take.
  • Aprima EHR follows you, instead of making you follow it. Chart by procedure, problem or previous visit for fast documentation. Your past notes can be carried forward to the current note so you’re not charting from scratch.
  • Adaptive Learning lets Aprima EHR learn your preferences as you work. Enjoy a smart EHR that seems to read your mind, so you’ll be up and running with minimal effort. Aprima auto-learns treatment plans for your most common patient complaints, making it easy and fast to document your procedures, order tests and provide recommendations.

True INTEROPERABILITY speeds transactions and reduces errors

In addition to the Patient Portal, which allows your patients to input data and communicate with you securely, Aprima supports Direct Messaging, is a member of the CommonWell® Health Alliance and has thousands of interfaces.

Enter data your way

Use touch screen, point and click, keyboard, handwriting recognition, transcribing or dictating - you choose the input method or combine them all within the same note!

Streamline and automate your practice’s workflow

  • Autogenerate messages back to a patient’s PCP or referring physician, so you spend less time dictating letters
  • Use integrated messaging and integrated fax to communicate directly with providers
  • Verify patients’ insurance eligibility and policy coverage more easily
  • Process electronic prior authorizations within the e-prescribing workflow in less than five minutes
  • E-prescribe controlled substances to manage patients’ pain

Rapid reimbursement

  • Receive reimbursement from Medicare and private health insurers more quickly
  • Easily manage both insurance and patient open balances
  • Accept payments more efficiently with integrated credit card processing

Aprima EHR/PM: Setting the benchmark for ease-of-use, speed and flexibility.

Want to simplify your workflow? Aprima frees you from the constraints of templates with an intuitive interface designed to follow the flow of a patient visit. With Aprima’s EHR/PM solution, Rheumatology practices enjoy improvements in quality of care, patient satisfaction, quality of life and their bottom line.

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