Public Health Reporting Enrollment

Meaningful Use, Public Health Reporting

As an eligible provider, you must submit to two different public agencies. The three options are immunization registry, syndromic surveillance, and specialized registries.

Our partnership with CECity® allows Aprima customers to utilize the specialized registries offered by CECity and their partners. These registries are good for both primary care providers and specialists.

This will engage you with the specialized registries as required for attestation. These registries will also allow you to compare your performance to other providers utilizing the registries.

By completing this enrollment form you agree that you will meet the accreditation or certification requirements required by the selected registries, you authorize Aprima to submit on your behalf the appropriate patient data as required by the registry or registries selected, and that you have obtained the appropriate releases from your patients to permit such submissions. By completing this enrollment form you also agree that the data you submit can be de-identified, aggregated and combined with data from other practices.

Public Health Registry Reporting Fees

The fees for this service vary depending on which registries you select and how many registries you select. These fees are paid, in advance, and are not refundable.

The table below contains a list of the registries and their pricing. You can select one registry and utilize our immunization or other specialty registry or you can select two registries.

To select a registry, make an entry in the Number of Providers column. Do this for as many different registries as you wish to particpate in.  

Please complete all of the remaining sections below the registries and submit online for fastest service. You must complete all sections to enroll, including the specific provider information per registry.

Public Health Reporting Enrollment Form

Provider Selection (Select the number of providers for each registry)
# of Providers Registry Name Cost
American College of Physicians Diabetes Registry $698
American College of Physicians Genesis Registry, Powered by Premier, Inc. $698
American College of Physicians Initiative to Raise the Adult Immunization Rates in Primary Care $698
National Home-Based Primary Care and Palliative Care Registry in Collaboration with the American Academy of Home Care Medicine, Powered by Premier, Inc. $698
National Osteoporosis Foundation and National Bone Health Alliance QCDR, Powered by Premier, Inc. $1098
Premier Clinician Performance Registry $698
Oncology Quality Clinical Data Registry, Powered by Premier, Inc. $1098
Renal Physicians Association Kidney Quality Improvement Registry, Powered by Premier, Inc. $1098
Wound Care Collaborative Registry, Powered by Premier, Inc. $798

Total Amount: $

Total Providers:

Practice Identification (must be completed to enroll)
Payment Authorization (must be completed to enroll)
Payment Method

Authorize payment to a credit card or bank account on file or Agree to pay by check, or by providing a credit card or bank account information. I hereby authorize Aprima Medical Software, Inc. to charge my credit card account/bank account in the total amount of all registries selected above for Public Health Registry Reporting services on an annual basis until I notify you in writing to cancel Public Health Registry Reporting services. I acknowledge that if I do not pay timely by check, or if a credit card or bank account charge is not approved/funded, then Public Health Registry Reporting services are subject to cancellation without notice. Please be aware that your enrollment form will be processed once the transaction has been approved/funded by the merchant or bank. This may take from 15 minutes to 48-hours.