Population Health

Population Health can have very different meanings to individual providers and practices and Aprima has you covered. Long before MACRA/MIPS, Meaningful Use, or PQRS, Aprima was created with the functional underpinnings of population health management and quality reporting. Now that various bodies require this information, Aprima stands ready to help your practice satisfy these requirements.

Patient Groupings

Create cohorts of patients for shared diagnoses, stages of treatments, or care programs.

By grouping and stratifying patients within Aprima, EHR providers are able to provide personalized care for high-risk populations or groups that require immediate attention, as well as monitoring those patients not currently at risk to help keep them healthy.

In addition to grouping patients, Aprima EHR also enables practices to place patients in practice defined Programs.  Programs offer additional ways to categorize and provides another avenue of searchability.  By utilizing Aprima’s robust reporting tools, practices can identify key vital readings, lab results, social or family history, diagnoses, etc. to place patients into programs like weight control, A1c Management, blood pressure, or smoking cessation.  

Clinical Quality Measure (CQMs)

Contributing to your Quality Measure under MIPS, CQM measure tracking is included with the core Aprima product.

Aprima EHR enables practices to collect, track, manage, and report on Clinical Quality Measures across your entire patient population.  Aprima tools allow practices to be proactive with their CQM reporting by offering real-time, drill-down reporting in addition to automated reports scheduled to be delivered to you on the cycle that best meets your needs. 

Clinical Decision Support

Aprima’s Clinical Decision Support (CDS) offers real-time, patient-specific alerts at the point of care to help providers deliver the highest quality of care while providing patient education aimed at keeping patients healthy and out of the hospital.

For those patients who have not been into the office recently, Aprima’s CDS will help you be more proactive and not only find, but help you act on those who are overdue for wellness visits and procedures.
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Goals and Health Concerns

With Goals providers are able to track metrics valuable to their individual patients.  With flexibility to track basic vitals, lab results, or the resolution of a diagnosis; providers are enabled to provide the highest levels of patient care.

Simply put; what are you AND the patient doing to get the patient healthier?  With the Goals and Health Concerns feature providers are empowered to monitor progress, even incremental progress for their patients.  By achieving health goals with your patients and monitoring their progress providers are enabled to keep patients healthy rather than strictly treat ill patients.

Health Maintenance Alerts and Reminders

Loaded with preset Health Maintenance Alerts, Aprima also gives practices the ability to set their own custom alerts and reminders.

In Aprima, Health Maintenance Alerts can actively remind providers of necessary services but are also available for viewing outside of clinical screens, like for scheduling.  Once alerted to necessary service, providers have Aprima’s messaging and tasking tools at their use to assign patient outreach to staff.  By streamlining this process, Aprima saves you time and money.

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