Aprima does not require you to program your way into it. Instead, it learns how you work and adapts itself to your workflow.

Greta Laube, MD, Beittel-Becker Pediatric Associates


With Aprima, Pediatric providers enjoy improvements in quality of care, patient satisfaction, quality of life and their bottom line. Why choose Aprima?

  • Bright Futures™ from the AAP guidelines are embedded
  • Document faster and more comprehensively with intuitive forms and content
  • Send health maintenance reminders to your patients and their families with ease
  • Family guarantor billing and appointment scheduling is built in
  • Access the Patient Portal individually or by family
  • Spend more time with your patients, and less on paperwork
  • Save time using built-in notes on the most common pediatric illness, including otitis media, ADHD, upper respiratory infections, dermatitis and more…
  • Knowledge base includes content and workflows for well and sick visits

More than 98% of customers who purchased Aprima over the last 10 years are still using it today.

To help your Pediatric Practice, Aprima EHR features

  • Bright Futures™ from the AAP well visit clinical content
  • Pediatric developmental milestones by age group
  • Preventive care documentation from birth through age 21, including screenings and assessments and developmental milestones by age group
  • Anticipatory guidance at each stage of development
  • Built-in assessments for pediatric screenings (M-CHAT-R, CRAFFT, CAGE-AID, oral health risk, lead risk, anemia, risk, tuberculosis risk, PHQ-2 and PHQ-9)

Time-saving immunization documentation and tracking functionalities

  • Auto-generate active and passive immunization reminders whenever patients are due
  • Customize reminder delivery method based upon contact preferences
WHO growth chart

Complete World Health Organization (WHO) growth charts

Get out-of-the-box access to three types of WHO growth charts: standard, Down Syndrome and premature

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