Keep patients actively involved in their own care

Aprima Patient portal screenshot

When patients are actively involved in their own health and wellness, they tend to have better outcomes and incur lower costs.

Aprima’s patient engagement tools provide a cost-effective platform for communicating and educating patients and monitoring their treatment adherence. Our tools also help improve patient engagement and satisfaction, while supporting Meaningful Use and help providers to improve outcomes and maintain better work-life balance.

Patient Portal

The Aprima Patient Portal, powered by Aprima NOW™ Technology enables fast, secure and convenient multidirectional communication between patients, their providers and practice staff. Patients can access the portal from their computers or mobile devices 24x7 making it convenient any time of day or night. In addition, patients can enter their own data, view medication history, access their complete medical record, receive clinical summaries and patient education, schedule appointments, review their billing statements, make payments online - all reducing staff workload, creating greater efficiencies and helping you achieve greater patient satisfaction.

Patient Reminders

From annual flu shots to mammograms and prostate cancer screenings, Aprima’s Patient Reminders for all types of follow-ups help keep patients proactively healthy and improve the experience of care.


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