Aprima-Integrated Patient Payment Solutions for Healthcare Providers

Aprima has partnered with Easy Pay Solutions to offer a robust patient balance reduction solution. Easy Pay’s unique approach to eliminating past due accounts and preventing future delinquencies has revitalized profitability for thousands of practices nationwide. Using advanced Card-On-File and Automated Payment Plans within our full featured credit card processing application our Patient Friendly approach enables practices to move from “PAST DUE” to “PAID” accounts that keep patients happy and practices healthy! Click here to find out more about Easy Pay Solution's credit card processing. 



Here's a short video introduction showing how Easy Pay works. Everything you see if fully integrated into the Aprima software and ready for you to use! All you need is an open Easy Pay account to start reducing outstanding patient debt – for the exact same pricing you are already paying to  process credit cards!

Easy Pay Card on File from Easy Pay Solutions on Vimeo.


The short answer is, Yes! When patients have options, they are more appreciative and pay faster. Easy Pay provides patient explanation videos and materials like the one below. Once patients realize the benefits, they enjoy knowing their bill is paid. 

Easy Pay Patient Explainer Video V1 from Easy Pay Solutions on Vimeo.

Full Integration Feature List

  • Configure Easy Pay in the Configure Practice Settings window’s Credit Card tab.
  • Request new session key from the Configure Practice Settings window’s Credit Card tab.
  • View credit card service call history from the Configure Practice Settings window’s Credit Card tab.
  • Credit Card Refresh Consents Job and job schedule for payments from consent agreements.
  • Payments types for credit cards can be marked as Allows Scanned Input for processing credit card payments.
  • Credit card types accepted by Easy Pay include the credit card type code. (Credit card types can be associated with payment types to make the credit card types appear on statements.)
  • Configure credit card payments from the Configure Patient Portal Settings window’s Functions tab.
  • Making payment from Patient Portal with card or consent agreement
  • Making a copay or payment on account from the Appointment window (often means card is available to swipe)
  • Making payment from consent agreement from Appointment window
  • Making a payment from the Payment window (often means from phone or mail so card not available to swipe)
  • Set up, manage, and review consent agreements on Responsible Party window
  • Making payment from consent agreement from the Responsible Party window
  • Viewing scheduled payments from the Credit Card Scheduled Payments window
  • Viewing automatic (by job) credit card payment settlements from Credit Card Settlements window
  • Performing payment settlement from the Credit Card Transactions window
  • Generate and allocate automatic payments from consent agreements from Track Superbills window
  • Reversing a credit card transaction by deleting or reversing a payment that was made by credit card or consent agreement

You're In Last Place For Patient Payments from Easy Pay Solutions on Vimeo.

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