dashboardMD is a leading cloud provider of Business Intelligence Reporting Solutions and Healthcare Analytics. Daily access to integrated operational, financial and clinical analytics, provides your office with unparalleled insightful and actionable intelligence. Save a ton of time with our turnkey management model including Performance Monitoring Services, Automated Reports Distribution and One-Off Analysis Reporting Tools.


Population Health Management and Clinical Analytics

Clinical quality and patient outcomes are now actively tied to financial success in healthcare. Better performing practices need actionable population health and clinical analytic tools to help improve chronic care management, monitor patient outcomes, eliminate gaps in care and maximize participation results for P4P initiatives such as MIPS, PCMH, ACO or UDS and many others. Gathering and managing unique care plan populations, clinical quality measures and manually identifying gaps in care is time consuming, tedious and error prone.

Ease of documenting multi-problem visits

Aprima makes it simple for providers to define a separate treatment plan for each patient problem.

  • Easily create detailed, diagnosis-specific treatment plans that you can access for patients presenting with similar problems
  • View pre-defined elements of a treatment plan by diagnosis code
  • Automatically generate instructions or educational material for patients based on your specific treatment plans for each diagnosis

Financial Analytics

Better tools. Better results. Best practices.
With the continued and seemingly never ending pressures on provider reimbursements, enhanced analytics have become a necessary instrument toward a more financially stable, predictable and profitable practice. Our latest release includes new financial analytic tools that will help your practice dig deeper to analyze cost and profitability by profit centers, monitor contract under and over payments and investigate new revenue opportunities.

True INTEROPERABILITY speeds communication with PCPs

Exchange clinical documents with other providers more rapidly and efficiently with integrated messaging and faxing.

  • Eliminate manual, paper-based workflow: the documents you create can be sent automatically to the patient’s PCP via secure email or into a fax queue at the end of the visit
  • Use integrated Direct Messaging and integrated fax to communicate directly with providers

Operational Analytics

Operational Processes are the backbone of the Revenue Cycle
dashboardMD’s integrated analytics provide a comprehensive overview of your practice’s performance areas so you can effectively monitor and fine-tune your workflow to maximize productivity, resource utilization, and profitability. Daily monitoring of operational processes with our turnkey dashboards will deliver another layer of administrative reporting, additional checks and balances, and empower your organization to act, not react.

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With Aprima, Urgent Care practices can also:

  • Enable patients to fill out questionnaires and complete their records using a paperless patient kiosk
  • Verify patients’ insurance eligibility and policy coverage in real time
  • Quickly process electronic prior authorizations within the e-prescribing workflow
  • E-prescribe controlled substances
  • Automatically populate the patient’s chart with their vitals and medication history
  • Download patients’ prescribing history to make medication reconciliation faster and more accurate
  • Enjoy easy and rapid access to the medication information you need to detect potential contraindications, lower efficacy or side effects with medications you plan to prescribe