Does the Risk Analysis requirement cause you anxiety? It should.

With multiple government audit programs in full force, it is imperative all Aprima users are HIPAA compliant. Abyde is an effortless way to ensure your business is on track and protected. With Abyde, your practice will enjoy stress-free HIPAA compliance!

ActX helps physicians make better decisions about medical treatment, using patients' genetic information. Integrated into Aprima EHR’s normal physician workflow, ActX analyzes the patient's genetic information in real time and alerts physicians about drug-genome interactions, actionable hereditary risks and carrier status. For more information, visit, email or call (888) 998-2289.

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MedicScan® by Acuant is the healthcare industry’s leading software that improves your patient registration process by allowing capture of Medical Insurance Cards and Driver’s Licenses to auto-populate the information into Aprima. The software can be used with most existing TWAIN scanners such as Panasonic and Fujitsu, as well as our proprietary Scanshell® and Snapshell® line of hardware. For more information please contact your Aprima representative or email

ChartCapture provides a simple way for practices to archive and access old medical records, whether they are transitioning from paper records or replacing a legacy EHR. Aprima EHR users can save time, money and energy by archiving old records to a single, secure location that can be easily accessed from any device, anywhere.

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ChartSpan is the nation’s largest provider of CCM and MIPS compliance services. Unlike software-only companies, ChartSpan does the work for physicians and their clinical staff, providing fully managed services. ChartSpan is proud to have helped more than 500 providers successfully deploy a CCM program, earning more than $15,000,000 in reimbursements. Find out why patients LOVE ChartSpan’s chronic care management program. For more information, please contact

On Demand Webinar of ChartSpan's Chronic Care Management (CCM) Solution

ClearGage provides consumer-centric revenue cycle management technology and financial services to the healthcare community. The Aprima-ClearGage technology integration offers a series of patient-friendly payment solutions to Aprima users.

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ConnectiveRx delivers affordability and adherence messaging solutions through all stages of the patient’s medication journey to help them get and stay on their medications. ConnectiveRx is also home to PDR, a trusted brand with a 70-year history of delivering medication information to healthcare professionals nationally. Follow @ConnectiveRx on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Data Innovations logo

Data Innovations is the world’s largest clinical and blood laboratory middleware company. The company has installed more than 6,500 systems in 58 countries. Instrument Manager (IM) and Laboratory Production Manager (LPM) represent the most complete offerings in the market for pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical sample processing and nonanalytical tasks such as equipment maintenance. Almost 1,000 different instruments, automation systems and information systems are supported.

DashboardMD logo

dashboardMD is a leading cloud provider of integrated clinical analytics, financial analytics, and operational business-intelligence reporting solutions for provider organizations. Our plug-n-play reporting suite includes enterprise roll-up reporting, daily interactive dashboards, scheduled reports via email, performance scorecards, user-defined alerts, predictive analytics, and industry-leading ad-hoc analysis tools. Visit us at

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DocBuddy® is a streamlined solution which helps to optimize the amount of time documenting and accessing medical records. It leverages cutting edge technology and design to take you beyond just typing and clicks. DocBuddy® is a comprehensive workflow solution powered by voice recognition that is tightly integrated with the Aprima EHR. This integration provides convenient and efficient provider documentation when using an iOS ® or Android® device.

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Dolbey’s award winning healthcare solutions deliver superior documentation, boosting productivity and improving patient care. Since 1914, Dolbey has advanced the latest technologies to meet the evolving demands of the healthcare community, including Speech Recognition, CAPD, CDI, CAD, Transcription and Dictation.

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Aprima has partnered with Easy Pay Solutions to offer a robust patient balance reduction solution. Easy Pay’s unique approach to eliminating past due accounts and preventing future delinquencies has revitalized profitability for thousands of practices nationwide. Using advanced Card-On-File and Automated Payment Plans within our full featured credit card processing application our Patient Friendly approach enables practices to move from “PAST DUE” to “PAID” accounts that keep patients happy and practices healthy! Click here to find out more about Easy Pay Solution's credit card processing.

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Etactics is a leading provider of patient statements, letters, payment books, recalls and reminders. Patient communication and web-enabled solutions are seamlessly integrated with output from Aprima for efficient production and mailing of patient-friendly billing and follow-up correspondence. Etactics’ clients typically increase patient payments from 10-40%.

ePatientFinder logo

ePatientFinder is a revolutionary way for physicians to connect their patients to life-changing treatment opportunities — and increase revenue. Our innovative platform notifies you when new treatments relevant to your patients become available in your area. Powerful analytics technology and an innovative three-tier filtering process enable you to quickly and easily identify which patients could benefit from the treatments you choose to offer.

IdenTrust, part of HID Global, is a leading Certification Authority providing remote identity-proofing and two-factor authentication credentials that support prescribing of controlled substances through the Aprima EHR application.  IdenTrust uses a process that tightly binds identity-proofing and authenticator issuance, ensuring that EPCS prescribers are vetted in compliance with DEA rules. IdenTrust credentials are easy to obtain and supported by Aprima EHR.

IMO logo

IMO’s Clinical Interface Terminology products comprise the most widely used, most comprehensive system of clinician-friendly terms and concepts, all mapped to standard reimbursement and reference nomenclatures including ICD-9, ICD-10 and SNOMED CT®.

Kno2™ is the industry’s only cloud-based Clinical Document Exchange platform. No matter where it comes from or in what format… any workflow involving the exchange of patient information can be moved to Direct and made smarter, consistent, consumable, and usable. Kno2 also takes on paper and fax-based exchange, converting them to Direct messaging, streamlining the movement of patient information into Aprima. Watch a video demonstration here.

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LabCorp provides leading-edge medical laboratory tests and services through a national network of primary clinical laboratories and specialty testing laboratories.

With scientific expertise in esoteric testing, genomics, and clinical and anatomic pathology, LabCorp processes tests on approximately 470,000 specimens each day, applying advances in medicine and science to laboratory testing.

Microsoft Gold logo

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Aprima is working with Microsoft in healthcare and technology to create electronic health records (EHR) solutions designed to improve the current healthcare provider environment through more streamlined, efficient, and intuitive information sharing.

Midmark logo

Midmark Diagnostics Group (MDG) is the industry leader in integrated digital diagnostic devices for ambulatory care. Aprima has integrated MDG’s line of IQmark products to allow direct acquisition of resting ECG, Holter and diagnostic Spirometry data into Aprima.

N-Krypt Global Services specializes in security solutions for the Healthcare industry. Working with Aprima, offerings include a special bundle package for HIPAA compliant intelligent secure email services, including the ability to send secure emails via Aprima applications. Other solutions include WebScan vulnerability and malware monitoring services which helps practices determine their web-based weaknesses before hackers do. No hardware, or software required to get started. Contact us today at

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 is the top-ranked speech recognition software available today. It can take your medical practice to the next level by increasing efficiency, streamlining your workflow, and providing better patient care by seamlessly integrating into your EHR. Nearly 200,000 physicians worldwide are already using Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2, as the software is 99% accurate right out of the box.

OptimizeRx - the industry leader in promotion and distribution of high–impact EHR services integrated directly within Health Care Provider’s workflow. OptimizeRx, through its unique platform, is the pioneer of point-of-prescription solutions. OptimizeRx began developing EHR communication technology to execute co-pay assistance programs in 2008. OptimizeRx has managed hundreds of branded patient savings and Health Care Provider messaging support programs for leading pharmaceutical companies.

Panasonic logo

Panasonic delivers high-performing, reliable scanners for all size businesses—from smaller, front-desk scanners to larger, 90+ page-per-minute scanners, all of which offer features like double-feed prevention, staple detection, and smart image processing. Panasonic carries the gold standard on all workgroup and departmental scanners 3-year advanced exchange warranty. Our ultra-reliable, high quality document & card scanners enable businesses to focus on delivering superior customer care.


Patient iP, a health information platform, accelerates the provision of data insight needed for transformative clinical research and the subsequent development and market placement of new therapies. The company’s Eligibility Engine leverages EMR data to efficiently identify patients matching clinical trial eligibility criteria, yielding new treatment and revenue opportunities for physicians seeking differentiation and sustained independence. For information, visit

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PatientLink® captures patient information, sending it as structured data into the Aprima EHR from custom forms completed via online, smart device, paper or kiosk. Our solutions save 10-20 minutes per patient, optimize workflows, meet quality measures, gather research data, improve patient engagement, and help generate revenue. PatientLink meets the needs of providers and their patients!

Persivia is a chronic care management company that helps providers manage clinical and financial outcomes risk. Persivia incorporates all patient data including both clinical and claims information to enable earlier clinical interventions and manage costs. Persivia’s advanced analytics and real-time clinical decision support addresses the growing need of managing complex patient populations and providing valuable insights into improving care quality.

A leader in EDI software solutions, Practice Insight processes transactions in real time including professional and institutional claims, remittance, eligibility and claim status. Practice Insight’s Internet-based solutions seamlessly integrate with Aprima, enhancing EDI workflow while dramatically reducing time spent on claim follow up, verifying patient insurance and posting remittance.

Quest Diagnostics logo

Aprima is proud to announce that Aprima Medical Software’s EHR solution, Aprima EHR, has received Gold certification through the Quest Diagnostics Health IT Quality Solutions™ Program.
The program is designed to recognize EHR solutions for achieving quality standards for data management and interoperability with the Quest Diagnostics clinical laboratory data system used by physician practices in the United States.


RavePoint™ automates the perpetual processes of keeping a practice’s schedule full and patients informed. Their services include online patient scheduling, waitlist management, patient-experience surveys, public-review generation, the delivery of pre- and post-appointment communications, plus a set of tools for marketing your practice. RavePoint’s real-time integration with Aprima is fast and bi-directional.  Your patients (and schedule on Aprima) are updated instantly! 

The tools available to providers through SE’s Physician Empowerment™ Suite leverage key performance metrics to help practices enhance reimbursement by building the foundation to negotiate more effectively with payers, boost reputation, and improve operational performance. To watch a demo video, click here and fill out the form.

To learn more about how SE Healthcare is helping practice enhance performance, click here.

Surescripts is committed to creating a more connected and collaborative healthcare system. Using our network, Aprima users access clinics, hospitals, pharmacists, and health plans nationwide without leaving their EHR application. Our products and services help improve productivity, clinical information quality, care delivery, and patient adherence. Aprima users currently have access to our electronic prior authorization, direct messaging, and electronic prescribing solutions.

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TSI logo

Your healthcare collections leader; collect more and save with TSI. Save money with our low, flat-fee pricing and 44% recovery rate. Save time using our easy Aprima interface. Save patient relationships with our proven diplomatic approach. Three customizable services provide solutions for all of your A/R needs. Let us be your trusted partner.

Transcend Insights® is a population health management company and wholly owned subsidiary of Humana Inc. (NYSE: HUM) that is empowering lifelong well-being with The Platform Above. The company’s HealthLogix® technology platform and unified solution suite lives above the silos that keep people and information apart. By connecting the healthcare ecosystem with a plug-and-play platform, data-inclusive health information exchange and advanced analytics, Transcend Insights is enabling successful population health management for better care and healthier lives.

Voice Automated, the Aprima speech recognition partner, provides desktop and cloud speech recognition solutions from Nvoq, SayIt Healthcare Dictation and Nuance, Dragon Medical Practice and Dragon Medical One. We deliver; software, microphone solutions, training and support. With over 4,000 clients and 23 years of experience, you can depend on Voice Automated. Your Voice Has Never Been More Powerful.

WelchAllyn logo

Welch Allyn is a leading global manufacturer of medical diagnostic equipment, cardiac defibrillators, patient monitoring systems and a complete range of digital and connected solutions. From innovative diagnostic instruments and user-friendly solutions to EMR-connected multi-parameter vital signs monitors and PC-based cardiology products, Welch Allyn devices help enhance caregiver workflow and improve patient outcomes.

Wellbox partners with healthcare providers to deliver a Chronic Care Management (CCM) program to Medicare beneficiaries living with chronic illnesses. As an extension of your practice, Wellbox provides proactive preventative care services in-between office visits, ensuring patient compliance, engagement and satisfaction remain high within one of your highest risk, highest cost populations. 

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West helps organizations engage and activate patients beyond the clinical setting. West’s patient engagement solutions help you effectively and efficiently communicate with today’s on-the-go patients to improve health outcomes, keep a full schedule, reduce days in A/R and gather essential feedback, allowing you to keep patients on track with treatment and make your practice more efficient without adding to your workload.