Pain Management

I would definitely recommend Aprima to another Pain specialty practice.

Margie Anacaya, MD, Central Arizona Pain Institute


With Aprima, Pain Management specialists enjoy improvements in quality of care, patient satisfaction, quality of life and their bottom line. Aprima offers Pain Management practices powerful solutions to boost productivity and efficiency. Here’s how Aprima can help your practice:

Document patient visits with lightning speed

  • Create patient notes quickly and easily using the method you prefer; keyboard and mouse, dictation or voice recognition
  • Use voice-to-text directly into structured notes fields to get E&M and Meaningful Use credit
  • Eliminate up to 80% of point and click in the patient note

Easier data input for repetitive procedures

  • Aprima auto-learns treatment plans for your most common patient complaints, making it easy and fast to document your procedures and injections
  • Enjoy a smart, sophisticated EHR system that seems to read your mind:
    • The more frequently you make a particular diagnosis, the more likely it will appear first in your list of potential diagnoses
    • Quickly identify orders written, services performed, plans covering the procedure and a timeline for a return visit – all by diagnosis

These built-in functionalities enable a more efficient practice

  • Electronic prescribing of controlled substances
  • Prior authorization by insurance companies and pharmacies
  • Aprima handles Electronic Eligibility as well as Electronic Prescription
  • Authorization (EPA); the time and resources needed to secure authorization is often minutes as opposed to days

Better care coordination between your practice and the community

  • Aprima auto-generates letters to referring physicians including procedures you’ve performed and plans for treatment which can be sent via secure message or fax
  • Electronic prescribing, including controlled substances, drives efficiency for providers and patients alike
  • Interface with any lab for orders and results, and any hospital for labs, discharge summaries, demographics, and more

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