With Aprima, Orthopedists enjoy improvements in quality of care, patient satisfaction, quality of life and their bottom line. Aprima offers Orthopedic practices powerful solutions to boost productivity and efficiency.

Here’s how Aprima can help your Orthopedic practice:

Document patient visits with lightning speed

  • Document follow up visits in less than a minute
  • Create patient notes quickly and easily using the method you prefer: keyboard and mouse, dictation, scribe, voice recognition or shared documentation
  • Use voice to text directly into structured notes fields to get E&M and Meaningful Use credit
  • Reduce the time to create a patient note by up to 50%

Easier data input for repetitive procedures

  • Record a procedure in less than a minute with Aprima’s Dynamic Procedure notes capability
  • Enjoy a smart, sophisticated EHR system that seems to read your mind:
    • The more frequently you make a particular diagnosis, prescribe a medication, or document follow-up care, the more likely it will appear first in your list of potential diagnoses, medications or follow-up procedures

Effortless scheduling for your staff

  • Reserve specific rooms, equipment, and providers for treating patients with built-in profiles for required time allocations
  • Create multiple appointments on the same day (i.e. X-Ray followed by Provider)
  • Schedule recurring appointments (i.e. Physical Therapy plans)

Customized segmentation

  • Create a specific Orthopedic specialty care team for sub-specialty needs, such as Hand, Hip, Back, Knee, etc.
  • Your profile tracks and presents information that applies to what you do and your specific care team
  • Tailor by practice, care team and/or provider, as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Automatic generation of messages to referring physician or patients

  • Create and transmit HIPAA-compliant notes back to the referring physician
  • Profiles of your referring physicians allow you to tailor notes based on your preferences, and each recipient’s role in the patient’s care, without having to stop and edit each one – they’re automatic!
  • Create patient-oriented visit summaries with non-medical terminology for your patients

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