DocBuddy® is a streamlined solution which helps to optimize the amount of time documenting and accessing medical records. It leverages cutting edge technology and design to take you beyond just typing and clicks.

The demands of capturing the myriad of data points required by regulatory agencies and payers can at times be frustrating to providers - ultimately impeding patient care and slowing productivity.  To help providers regain otherwise lost time in the exam room, DocBuddy helps providers keep their focus on positive outcomes for their patients.  


The DocBuddy® Solution
Streamlining Patient Care, Provider Productivity, and Data Accuracy.

  • iOS & Android Apps powered by next generation voice recognition
  • Real-time mobile dictations transferred seamlessly to EMR
  • Syncs patient schedule, medical history, and demographics
  • Note sharing & secure messaging platform
  • On-call patient capture
  • Manage voice commands (macros) in real time in app or portal
  • Aprima compatible and fully integrated
  • HIPAA Compliant

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