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PRM 2009 Release Announced

Dear Client,
As many of you are aware, iMedica has for some time been striving to move to a single product release per year. Such a release cycle enables each release of the product to be more robust and feature rich.

In an effort to put an annual release cycle in place, we have determined that the product release currently in testing will be named iMedica PRM 2009. This release of the product will include all of the features and functionality that you’ve been hearing about for 2008 SP1 and SP2, and more. We anticipate releasing iMedica PRM 2009 to you, our client base, by the end of the first quarter of 2009.

We are very excited about this move. The 2009 release addresses many areas that you and the market place are very interested in, including greater usability and processing speed. On the clinical side, this release introduces a smoother workflow for lab orders and results, improved knowledge database editing, and the ability to chart a patient visit note and create a superbill in a manner similar to writing progress reports. On the practice management side, this release introduces a cleaner superbill with UB-04 functionality, the ability to split superbills by service site, and integrated credit card processing.

This release will also facilitate reporting for the PQRI and E-Prescribing Incentive Programs created by CMS. We have automated the workflow to make this process seamless for your physicians so they can qualify for both programs and receive their incentive bonuses without any additional work performed by either the physician or the billing staff.

Our next major release, iMedica PRM 2010, is currently in development, and is targeted for release by the end of this year. We have some exciting things planned for this release which you will be hearing more about in the near future.

With warmest regards,
Michael Nissenbaum
Chief Executive Officer