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Aprima Meets CMS Criteria for 2012 PQRS Reporting

Dallas, TX (February 17, 2012) — Aprima Medical Software is pleased to announce that the Aprima Electronic Health Record (EHR) has passed all testing by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for 2012 PQRS reporting. PQRS, or the Physician Quality Reporting System, provides reimbursement bonuses for physicians who document they meet a variety of quality measures, such as the percentage of prescriptions sent electronically or care guidelines for chronic diseases such as diabetes.

With the Aprima PQRS feature fully validated, providers who use the Aprima EHR can begin sending data to the federal CMS data registries and realizing the financial rewards of providing excellent (and well- documented) care. CEO Michael Nissenbaum says, “This PQRS validation is just the latest evidence that the Aprima EHR is out in front of the competition. We’ve always felt that we provided a significant advantage to physicians who use our system, and it’s nice to get this third -party proof.”

In addition to the EHR, Aprima Medical Software products include a fully integrated Practice Management (PM) system as well as a Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) service to help practices maximize reimbursement and minimize payment time . The user -friendly Aprima EHR is chief–complaint-driven and offers adaptive learning capability based on each provider’s habits. The unique Intuitive Navigation approach quickly displays clinically relevant content based on the presenting chief complaint, speeding up the physician’s documentation. Aprima’s robust PM software includes all the tools a busy practice needs to manage its patient population, including insurance eligibility, optical character recognition for automating data input, and built-in robust/customizable reporting capabilities.


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