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Aprima Medical Software and Edge EHR Corp. to Develop Apple Mac, iPhone and iPad-based Electronic Health Record and Practice Management Systems

Agreement opens market to Mac enthusiasts in clinical ambulatory settings, expands Aprima’s exposure to new specialties, broadens Edge’s opportunity with Canadian physicians

DALLAS–June 24, 2010 –Aprima Medical Software , a leading developer of electronic health record (EHR), practice management (PM) and revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions for medical practices, today announced that Nevada-based Edge EHR Corp., a leading developer of PM software based on Apple’s award-winning Mac OS X® operating system, has entered into an agreement that will enable clinicians using Apple Mac computers, Apple iPads and Apple iPhones to use the Aprima EHR. Edge EHR, Powered by Aprima, will be available through Edge.

Edge EHR brings unparalleled expertise in the ambulatory care physician PM market to medical practices who demand Apple’s innovative technology. Based on the renowned MediMac® practice management product that has served providers for more than 20 years, Edge will incorporate the Aprima EHR functionality into the Edge PM software. Customers purchasing through Edge will receive Tier I support from Edge and Tier II support from Aprima.

Through Aprima, the Edge EHR, Powered by Aprima, will enable ambulatory care physicians to leverage existing Windows-based hardware investments with an EHR and PM that functions equally well on Apple Mac computers, Apple iPads and Apple iPhones. Physicians accustomed to the ease of use of Apple products will quickly excel with Aprima’s content-rich, template-free technology on the Apple OS X platform.

“There is pent up demand in the market for Apple Mac-based electronic health record technology,” said Michael Nissenbaum, CEO of Aprima. “Unlike competitors who announce versions of their EHR that run on Macs under emulation, this announcement reflects an approach that will lead to the superior user experience Mac aficionados have long demanded from their OS of choice.”

“We looked at partnering with several EHR companies,” said Troy Spracklin, President and CEO of Edge. “Ultimately, we chose to work with Aprima because of the strength of its product architecture and because we have ample evidence that we’ll work well with the management team. They have an outstanding development organization and have committed to giving us the attention we’ll need when we need it.”

While standard EHR functionality such as charting, lab orders and ePrescribing will be available when a provider operates in the Apple environment, Mac OS X offers unique capabilities as well. “We’ve leveraged every aspect of the Mac and iPhone platforms to deliver significantly enhanced workflows,” Spracklin added. “For example, integration with the iSight camera allows us to capture specific encounter data such as a patient’s photo into the medical record. Direct integration with the Apple iWork suite is notable as well since documents created in this suite are saved directly into the patient’s clinical record.

“We currently offer the only FDA-approved diagnostic digital radiography imaging solution integrated as part of the PM software for both Macs and iPhones. Providers will experience shorter learning curves based on the Mac OS X ease of use. Practice managers will enjoy integrated appointment confirmation services and e-claims management,” Spracklin said.

Aprima anticipates the partnership will take advantage of Edge’s inroads into the Canadian market, too. That country’s Health Infoway initiative is in the process of establishing collaborative standards for EHR vendors and accelerating the development and adoption of the technology.

“Aprima looks forward to bringing our solutions to providers who embrace Apple’s platform,” said Scott Lentz, CFO of Aprima. “Furthermore, we’ll leverage Edge’s strong reputation in segments of the ambulatory market in which we traditionally have not had exposure including dentistry, cosmetic surgery clinics, ophthalmology and related-eye care practices.”

About Edge EHR Corp.

Edge EHR Corp. delivers a Mac OS X EHR and practice management solution exclusively for the small to medium physician clinic using the Mac platform. The Edge mantra and corporate culture emulate Apple’s core philosophy to provide the perfect user experience for every product offering. Our design team relentlessly strives to deliver industry standard functionality, adding ease of use through optimized workflow and style through intuitive interface design resulting in the ultimate user experience. Reach Edge at 888-542-8522 or

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Aprima Medical Software, Inc. develops innovative electronic health record, practice management and revenue cycle management solutions for medical practices. Reach Aprima at 866-960-6890, or