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Aprima Launches Revenue Cycle Management Solution for Ambulatory Medical Practices

New service will maximize physician practice revenues, build clinicians’ financial security in era of payment delays and reimbursement declines

DALLAS, TX – March 1, 2010 –Aprima Medical Software, a leading developer of electronic health record (EHR) and practice management (PM) systems for medical practices, today announced the addition of a revenue cycle management (RCM) offering to its suite. Providers can learn about Aprima’s RCM solution at Booths #4915 and #4921 during the annual meeting of the Healthcare Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS), March 1-3, in Atlanta.

“When patients can’t cover their charges and payer claims are denied or delayed, cash flow to a practice stops, sometimes precipitating a financial crisis, eroding office staff morale and compromising patient care quality,” said Michael Nissenbaum, Aprima’s president and CEO. “Aprima’s revenue cycle management solution uses proven methodologies so that practices can achieve peak financial performance. Practices will experience enhanced efficiencies, streamlined workflows and speedier reimbursement.”

Aprima’s revenue cycle management solution takes advantage of the fact that the EHR and PM share a common database, a meaningful differentiator in the industry. For example, billing and payment information in the PM plus coding data from the EHR can be accessed and reviewed without having to switch applications. As a result, reports can be easily and quickly produced that enable Aprima’s new RCM service to tackle accounting and finance functions, including billing and coding reconciliation, financial reporting to monitor performance, communications with payers and automation of collections.

Increased demand from physicians, practice managers and office staff for a proven RCM service sparked Aprima’s decision to offer RCM. It is a fee-based service calculated on the basis of a percentage of a practice’s collection. By leveraging seasoned revenue cycle experts across multiple practices, Aprima is able to deliver the service at a lower cost than practices would otherwise pay for their ownstaff. Moreover, all processing is done in the United States.

“We’ve gotten into this offering based on market demand. Previously, medical practices had to check out multiple vendors to identify a quality RCM service,” said Richards. “With this offering, Aprima becomes a one-stop-shop for them . It was a small leap for us to apply resources to maximize a practice’s collections and help them forecast their cash flow since we were already experts in how their data was structured.”

“With a fee based on a percentage of collections, we are aligned with the providers to maximize a medical practice’s revenue. While our RCM solution can be purchased as a standalone solution, the fee-based approach allows Aprima to offer alternative financing and pricing options for practices interested in our EHR and PMsolutions,” added Richards.

For more information about Aprima, please visit or visit Booths #4915 and #4921 in Hall B2 at HIMSS 2010 in Atlanta, March 1-3.

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