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Aprima Announces a New Partnership with ePatientFinder

With the impending cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, it is a priority for physicians and clinics to find new sources of revenue. ePatientFinder does exactly that by providing a platform that will identify your patients who are ideal candidates for clinical trials offered in your community that address chronic disease. The process includes conducting pre-trial evaluations for which ePatientFinder will compensate you or your clinic directly.

You will be compensated fair market value for the time you spend with your patients regardless of whether you refer them or not. ePatientFinder manages the entire process so that it has no effect on your clinic’s workflows.

They are revolutionizing (through cutting edge technology) the way patients are connected with clinical trials by involving the physician!

Main Features:

  • Produces revenue without the involvement of third-party insurance
  • Directly compensates pre-trial evaluations
  • The platform is provided at no-cost to participating clinics and physicians
  • Creates new practice revenue stream that can offset some of the cost of your Aprima EHR
  • The platform and process has no impact on your existing office workflows
  • The platform is fully integrated with your Aprima EHR
  • Focuses on referring patients to phase 2 and phase 3 clinical trials that address chronic disease

Check out this brief 90 second ePatientFinder Video to get a better understanding of what ePatientFinder does.

For more information on how ePatientFinder can help your practice click here or visit our website.