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Aprima and Claflin Medical Equipment Partner to Provide Electronic Health Records to Physician Practices

Claflin to provide Aprima EHR to physicians nationwide

DALLAS, TX – December 22, 2009 –Aprima Medical Software (originally iMedica), a leading developer of electronic health record (EHR) and practice management (PM) systems for medical practices, today announced an alliance agreement with Warwick, Rhode Island-based Claflin Medical Equipment, the oldest supplier of medical equipment to hospitals, clinics, surgical centers and general medical practices nationwide.

“We are extremely excited to partner with Aprima,” said Mike Abbott, Claflin’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Aprima’s technology and commitment to service give us an EHR/PM provider that we are proud to recommend and endorse to our clients.”

With Aprima’s built-in integration with leading digital monitoring devices that Claflin already represents, Claflin can now offer a complete solution for the physician office. Claflin plans to market this to new customers as well as their existing 10,000 customers.

Aprima and Claflin entered into the agreement in November 2009 and will provide physician practices nationwide with Aprima’s single-application EHR and PM solution. Aprima’s unique , template-free design enables providers to follow their own protocols. Its adaptive learning feature speeds adoption and deployment and its single database design affords users with the fastest access to clinical and financial data. Aprima’s flexible pricing plan makes sense for everyone from a solo rural practitioner to a multi-specialty urban practice.

Any of Claflin’s 10,000-plus customers in need of an EHR will experience more efficient workflows as they witness the advantages of having data output from devices such as an EKG machine immediately available in Aprima’s integrated electronic health record and practice management solution.

“The agreement with Claflin broadens Aprima’s ability to advance the practice of medicine beyond the EHR,” said Michael Nissenbaum, President and CEO of Aprima . “Claflin is a well-established and credible supplier with a storied name. We are delighted it has selected our EHR and practice management solution as the oneit wants to bring to its customers.”

About Claflin Medical Equipment

Founded in 1817, Claflin Medical Equipment is a one-stop medical equipment supplier that handles all the minor medical equipment and healthcare furniture products typically found in a hospital or medical facility. Over 20,000 items are listed on the Company’s e-commerce website. Claflin Medical can assist with any size project, saving clients from dealing with multiple vendors and deliveries. The staff of sales consultants, biomedical technicians, equipment repair experts, project managers, and staging and installation specialists will help find the best product value without compromising time and resources. For more information visit

About Aprima Medical Software, Inc.

Aprima Medical Software, Inc., founded as iMedica in 1998, develops innovative electronic health record and practice management solutions for medical practices.