Leverage the power of Aprima EHR, PM and RCM for your Nephrology practice!

Whether it’s documenting patient visits quickly and easily, viewing lab results as trended data, using voice commands as EHR navigation shortcuts, automating medication prior authorization or entering charges outside the office, Nephrologists tell us they have increased overall efficiency since implementing Aprima.

Discover what Aprima can do for your Nephrology practice.

Ease of documenting to improve workflow

Aprima helps busy Nephrologists spend less time on documentation.

  • Use our built-in Renal Function Panel to monitor a patient’s levels of creatine, potassium and more to evaluate kidney function and detect renal disease.
  • Document visits, common procedures and coding very quickly; the software remembers your steps as a default.
  • Easily create customized fields or modify existing fields to suit your specific needs.
  • View the patient’s history of prior illness, as well as courses of action taken to determine next steps for treatment.

Instant access to trended lab results

Quickly analyze results of blood tests that show indicators of disease activity.

  • Automatic importing of lab results from one or multiple labs
  • Review patients’ lab values over time to identify trends in their conditions.
  • Abnormal results stand out for easy identification.

Nephrology practices will also appreciate the ability to:

  • Quickly identify all hospitalized patients and group patients by admit date, service site, location and more.
  • Earn incentives from government incentive programs, such as Medicare’s Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS).
  • Receive U.S.-based customer support from Aprima.

Want a less cumbersome way to manage medications? You’ve got it.

  • Quickly process electronic prior authorizations within the e-prescribing workflow.
  • Instantly view co-pay costs for medications and determine if a generic or equivalent medication exists.
  • Automatically populate your patients’ records with their prescription history by downloading directly from the online Surescripts database.
  • Enjoy easy and rapid access to the medication information you need to detect potential contraindications, lower efficacy or side effects with medications you plan to prescribe.
  • Dramatically reduce the time staff spends on the phone and fax machine.
  • Increase patient satisfaction by letting patients know the exact out-of-pocket cost for their medication and whether they can pick up their prescription immediately – all before leaving your office.

Speed and efficiency at the point of care

By enabling fast and efficient documentation, Aprima EHR’s built-in tools ensure that you’ll spend time with patients,
not computers.

  • NO TEMPLATES! Chart the way you were trained to think and follow the flow of your exam no matter what direction it may take.
  • Aprima EHR follows you, instead of making you follow it. Chart by symptom for fast documentation. Your past notes can be carried forward to the current note so you’re not charting from scratch.
  • Adaptive Learning lets Aprima EHR learn your preferences as you work. Enjoy a smart EHR that seems to read your mind, so you’ll be up and running with minimal effort.

Flexibility to document your way

Whether you prefer to use dictation or another method of entering your notes, Aprima supports the way you want to work.

  • Choose from a wide variety of ways to enter data: dictation, transcription, touch screen, point and click, keyboard or handwriting recognition.
  • Select one or more input methods or combine them within the same note.

True INTEROPERABILITY speeds communication with PCPs

Send clinical notes and consult letters to PCPs or referring physicians more rapidly and efficiently with integrated messaging and faxing.

  • Electronically communicate directly with providers.
  • Eliminate manual, paper-based workflow: Automatically send documents to the patient’s PCP at the end of the visit.

Goes where you go

Aprima Mobile lets you access Aprima anytime, anywhere to complete tasks such as:

  • Entering charges
  • Viewing schedules
  • Approving or acting on lab results
  • Refilling and writing prescriptions
  • Corresponding with patients through a secure portal
  • Reviewing a patient’s complete medical history

Aprima EHR/PM: Setting the benchmark for ease-of-use, speed and flexibility.

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