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From catching up on messages on the go to reviewing appointments before starting the day, physicians can increase their productivity and connectivity through the convenience of their mobile devices.

Aprima Mobile

Aprima Mobile for Apple® and Android™-based smartphones and tablets, powered by Aprima NOW™ Technology, lets you access your Aprima EHR system anytime, anywhere.

Whether inside or outside the office, at home or on vacation, you can use Aprima Mobile to complete tasks such as:

  • Reviewing a patient’s complete medical history, or just the areas that are important
  • Approving or acting on lab results
  • Refilling and writing prescriptions
  • Corresponding with patients through a secure portal
  • Viewing and managing schedules and creating new appointments
  • Capturing patient charges while on call, during hospital rounds, at a nursing home, or anywhere else the need arises
  • Aprima Mobile is included at no charge with Aprima EHR

The Aprima mobile app is available for Aprima customers to download on both iPhone and Android smartphones, as well as tablet devices.

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Aprima NOW technology

"Aprima Mobile comes in handy when you’re on call and not at your computer. For example, I was out and about this weekend while on call, and I was able to quickly look up a patient’s information on my phone before responding to the request for a medication refill. I love it!" said Thomas Rennie, MD, Rheumatology Associates of South Texas.

Interactive and responsive
Aprima NOW technology supports Apple and Android devices and automatically conforms to varying sizes and types of screen displays while accessing the same patient data you see in the office delivering a more interactive and responsive system no matter where you are.

Powerful and secure
Aprima NOW enables superior application performance on both cellular and Wi-Fi networks while keeping data secure using the latest in encryption technologies. Anytime, anywhere access gives you unparalleled freedom and more control over your time!

Optimal functionality and usability
Gain greater functionality than ever before when viewing and managing patient data from your mobile and tablet devices. Aprima’s platform is equipped with a modern interface that utilizes both touchscreen and pen-based displays, and integrates with features on your device such as cameras, voice, etc.

I love working with the new Aprima NOW technology. There are some great features, like the way I can see my ultrasound reports under the observation results tabs. I also use the app to check patient diagnoses when I generate my ultrasound report. In addition, being able to submit the approval documents to insurance companies for the procedures I do in the office right from the app makes my life easy.

Joe Jenkins, MD, Tri-State Vein Center.


Not connected? No worries! Our Replication technology lets you fully document patient charts, look up or enter data using your preferred form of entry and perform other everyday tasks, all without access to a network or wireless connection. The system automatically transmits and syncs files when you are back on a network connection.

“The new mobile app with Aprima NOW allows me to stay in contact with my patients even when I’m not at the office – waiting at the orthodontist for my daughter to have her braces adjusted, on line at the supermarket, picking up a relative at the airport – really any time. I don’t have a computer with me but I do have my phone. I place a high priority on being available for my patients, but I would rather spend time with my family than spend all my free time on the telephone taking patient calls. I am able to achieve a good work/life balance and respond to patient portal messages and to keep close tabs on my sicker patients,” said Alexis Lieberman, MD, Fairmount Pediatrics.

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