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House calls are back and tens of thousands of Americans are receiving improved care as a result. But for traveling physicians, there’s a whole new level of complexity to these home visits, from new rules on documentation to achieving Meaningful Use.

That’s why the Aprima EHR is designed to optimize your time at a patient’s home instead of complicate it. It works the way you want to work, with an interface that follows the natural flow of a typical patient visit. And it comes with unique functionality that gives you all the powerful benefits of an EHR and none of the traditional constraints.

Store & Forward—Work Off-line, Sync Up Later, No More After Hours Charting!

No Internet connection? No problem! The Aprima EHR lets you fully document patient charts, look up or enter data using your preferred form of entry—including handwriting, voice recognition, point and click, and keyboard—and perform other everyday tasks, all without access to a network or wireless connection. Once connectivity is available, the system automatically transmits patient visit data, digital images, orders, results, and more. We call this Replication, allowing real-time charting on a local device in any type of remote facility.

Painless Payment Processing for Care Plan Oversight and Medical House Call E&M Codes

Too often house call physicians shortchange themselves on what they’re rightfully owed by Medicare. The Aprima EHR removes uncertainty about CPO and Medical House Call E&M billing by recognizing:

  • The patient received house call services required by Medicare in order to receive CPO reimbursement
  • The physician or other clinician devoted and documented the required 30 minutes or more of his/her time to supervision of patient’s care plan
  • The physician provided a service requiring a face-to-face encounter with the patient in the 6-month period before CPO was billed
  • This information is an integral part of the patient record

In addition, Aprima supports and helps calculate all Medical House Call E&M codes, making it easy to bill for services.

Key Aprima EHR Features for Medical House Call Physicians

  • HIPAA-compliant communication. Messages can be sent quickly and securely to any person or group in the practice, just the way it’s done in an office setting.
  • Device integration. Aprima interfaces with a variety of medical equipment, allowing clinicians to take many of the medical devices they need for patient care with them. Results can be documented real time on site.*
  • Patient records access. With the Aprima Patient Portal, patients, or family members with access rights, finally have secure, online access to patient visit results as soon as the doctor is back online. They also have 24/7 access to any chart data made available by the practice or provider.

* Please see your Aprima representative for a list of supported devices.

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