EHR for FQHCs, RHCs, and CHCs


Federally Qualified Health Centers, Rural Health Centers, and Community Health Clinics provide an important service across the country; making compassionate care accessible to those in need.  Aprima provides an EHR for FQHCs, RHCs, and CHCs that streamlines documentation, automates reporting, and includes the features these clinic designations require to thrive as care centers and as businesses.


Aprima Features for FQHCs

EHR for FQHCsSliding Fee Scales

Basing fees on your patient’s ability to pay enables the smooth operation of the business and provides a positive patient experience.  Break away from total reliance on funding by charging appropriately, and collecting, for services rendered.  

EHR for FQHCsUDS Reporting

Simplify your UDS reporting with Aprima EHR for FQHCs.  UDS reporting is native functionality: no add-on modules or suprise fees.  Spend less time generating and submitting reports and have more time for patient care.

EHR for FQHCsBilingual Patient Portal

Aprima's native Patient Portal provides English and Spanish language support from desktop and mobile devices.  Patients can view their chart, request appointments and prescription refills, communicate securely with the practice, and much more.

EHR for FQHCsMulti-Specialty Support

Aprima serves physicians in over 70 specialties including behavioral and mental health.

EHR for FQHCsAprima Mobile App for Providers

Save time with access to Aprima EHR anytime, anywhere on your Apple or Android device.  Review notes, act on lab results, refill or write prescriptions, and much more.  Aprima Mobile is included at no charge with your Aprima EHR service.

EHR for FQHCsClinical Analytics

FQHCs need business intelligence set goals, analyze, and monitor practice performance. Aprima’s analytics suite gives providers the ability to track daily performance using Key Performance Indicators and users can access their dashboards securely online, anytime using any supported device. Learn more.

EHR for FQHCsRegistries

Data submission to registries is critical to patient outcomes and to regulatory reporting in an EHR for FQHCs. See our list of standard registry integrations here. Custom integrations are also available.

Payer & Government Initiatives

  Aprima is your partner in navigating a changing regulatory landscapeHere are some examples of how Aprima is helping physicians address the latest updates from government and payers.


Aprima gives providers the EHR interoperability tools they need to connect with patient data in the way that works best for them, and, just as importantly, those with whom they need to connect. Whether that is with a point to point interface, integration with a Health Information Exchange (HIE), direct messaging, or with participation in our national network partners' programs such as Surescripts and CommonWell.

Healthcare organizations are working hard to move from paper-based, manual processes to streamlined digital workflows to handle faxes. Aprima users can centralize all fax workflows into a single solution, integrated into Aprima for optimal efficiency and interoperability. Inbound fax workflows can be routed, processed and filed to the patient chart. Outbound faxes are sent directly from Aprima.

Aprima makes interoperability simple for doctors by making patient data available quickly and in real time. Whether sending or receiving, Aprima has you covered. Learn more about Aprima Interoperability.

Revenue Cycle Management Support

Aprima Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is an optional solution that combines smart technology with healthcare billing expertise to seamlessly manage your practice’s entire revenue process - from eligibility checking, to over 20 million claim edits achieving 98% clean claim rates, to appealing denied claims, to money in your bank account!

Every RCM customer has a U.S.-based team working on their behalf which includes an Account Manager and billing staff.  Your billing team will use an in-depth knowledge of FQHC guidelines, sliding fee schedules, and UDS reporting to support your revenue cycle.

What Aprima Users Have to Say

“It’s all about timing. It all has to be quick. I can’t have bills set out for months. If we can get a clean claim out and get paid in 14 days, that’s very important. The providers have to finish their notes in a timely way so that we can get a claim out quickly. So we switched from NextGen to Aprima EHR [electronic health record] in November 2014. We had Synergy Billing. And in February, we switched to Aprima Billing. And that’s been very helpful for us; they know their own EHR; they’ve been able to streamline our process, to get the claims out the door and to lower our days in AR. You’re right, I don’t have excess cash sitting in the bank for a rainy-day fund. We have to pay our bills.”

-Memory Coker, LPN, Central Oklahoma Family Medicine

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