Company Background

More than 98% of our customers have stayed with us over the last 10 years.About Aprima

From innovative technology, to comprehensive customer support, to the right tools that help you improve quality, care and safety—Aprima is a partner you can depend on.

Aprima is dedicated to leveraging information technology to make it easier for physicians to practice medicine and run their businesses. Our electronic health record (EHR), practice management(PM) and revenue cycle (RCM) solutions are flexible, customizable and made to work the way you do—whether in the office, on the road or at home.

Since 1998, we’ve helped doctors improve quality of care, patient satisfaction, the bottom line, and their own quality of life.

Today, we serve physicians nationwide, in primary care and more than 70 specialties, from solo practitioners to large, multi-site clinics. More than 12 million Americans have an electronic record in Aprima software, more than 65,000 people already use Aprima and our customers are using Aprima PM to manage more than $2.3 billion annually in collections.

We’re one of the fastest growing companies in the EHR market. More than 98% of customers who purchased Aprima during the last 10 years are still using it. And thousands of providers switch to Aprima every year. According to a Wells Fargo Securities report, Aprima ranks among the top five vendors that physicians chose to replace their previous EHR.

Aprima has a long history of meeting each and every government certification and regulatory mandate since our inception, helping you to maximize your revenues and avoid penalties. Plus, we help you leverage pay-for-quality initiatives, such as Chronic Care Management and Care Plan Oversight.

Based in Richardson, TX, Aprima performs all development, implementation and support from the U.S.

At Aprima, we are 100% committed to the success of your practice. Our driving purpose is to ensure that physicians can deliver the best care for the best price. That vision has fueled our growth for more than 20 years.