Track performance using Aprima’s clinical analytics


Medical practices need business intelligence (BI) to benchmark, set goals, and analyze and monitor practice performance. Aprima’s proven clinical analytics suite gives providers the ability to track daily performance using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with goals. Physicians can access their clinical dashboards securely online, anytime using any supported device.


Measure, analyze and monitor KPIs that have the greatest impact on your quality of care, as well as your revenue. These KPIs are presented as a dashboard comprised of interactive charts and graphs, providing actionable intelligence in a format that is both intuitive and insightful.

Quality Measures

Aprima offers extraordinary visibility into clinical services to monitor quality as well as clinical and financial outcomes. Our clinical analytics suite:

  • Automatically collects MU and PQRS metrics
  • Simplifies the process of MU and PQRS reporting to Medicare
  • Documents pay for performance objectives
  • Delivers real-time compliance and effectiveness reports for MU, PCMH and ACO guidelines


Aprima’s enterprise reports allow you to see individual provider data, or combine data from multiple provider locations and sources to provide a comprehensive view of your entire organization. Reports may be filtered by practice, location, physician, payer, financial class, CPT code group or specialty, and allow users to drill down or roll up.

Aprima’s clinical analytics empowers your practice to:


  • Manage patient populations by tracking provider performance on any clinical quality measure
  • Compare provider performance across one practice or many
  • Quickly identify patients who require intervention for improved care quality and outcomes

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