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Tri-State Vein Center

When Joseph T. Jenkins, M.D., F.A.C.S., decided to open a single-physician Phlebology practice, he knew that he wanted to use an electronic health record (EHR) system. Previously, he had been part of a four-surgeon practice that was still using paper charts and had been looking at EHR systems. He knew some of the advantages an EHR had to offer, but he wanted to find the right one for his new practice’s needs.

He required an EHR that supported more than just vein work – one that supported a broader scope of services while still delivering the customization he wanted for his specialty practice. Additionally, it was important to him that an EHR would be in place when the practice opened.

“There were some companies that offered a very low price, but the systems were awful,” recalls Dr. Jenkins. “Another company charged an exorbitant price for their system and service because everything I wanted, such as education and launch support, was an additional charge.”

Then he looked at Aprima

“What I liked about Aprima was the ability to easily customize the system for my practice’s specific needs,” said Dr. Jenkins. “I wanted the freedom to independently make the changes I wanted, rather than having to pay a company to do this for me. Aprima’s system makes it easy to customize forms and more.”

After selecting Aprima, the Aprima Implementation Team worked with him to accommodate his aggressive launch schedule.

Specializing in diagnosing and treating diseased veins, Dr. Jenkins sees patients during a four-day week. His practice’s ultrasound sonographer also sees new patients each week. In addition to treating vein diseases, he also provides surgical care for individuals needing hemodialysis access due to kidney failure.


Quick and easy to use

When the practice first went live with the system, both Dr. Jenkins and the practice manager were surprised to discover how quickly they adapted to the system and how easy it was to use.

"That first day, all I had to do was document the procedures with a few clicks then I was done,” recalls Dr. Jenkins. “My practice manager was finished by 4:30pm every day – much sooner than we had expected!”

Rapid reimbursement

The practice expected to receive reimbursement from Medicaid within 8 to 12 weeks. But when Dr. Jenkins decided to use the new system to upload all the practice’s superbills, he was astounded by the results. $120K of billing had been accumulated, and it cleared in a day. The practice received its first payment just ten days later from Iowa Medicaid.

“The money just started flowing in after that,” said Dr. Jenkins. “I couldn’t have asked for anything better. This is how it works when you have the notes, the forms and the practice management all together in one system. Now 98% of my A/R is in my bank account in less than 30 days.”

Freedom to independently customize and create forms

It was important to Dr. Jenkins that he and others at his practice be able to modify and build forms themselves for their specific needs. Aprima delivered on this promise.

Streamlined reporting to vein registry

Another advantage the practice has noted is the ability to easily provide patient outcome data to the American College of Phlebology’s Vein Registry. As a repository of vein care data, the registry helps to document patient outcomes from different types of treatments for specific vein conditions.

“We send the assessment forms to our patients through the Aprima Patient Portal to capture patient-reported outcomes from the treatment they received,” said Dr. Jenkins. This data are then de-identified and uploaded to the Vein Registry.

By gathering and sharing this data with the registry, Tri-State Vein Center has been able to make an important contribution toward helping patients receive the best care.

Ongoing satisfaction, year after year

After more than five years, Dr. Jenkins continues to discover new ways to leverage the power of Aprima EHR for his practice.

“The staff in my office have embraced Aprima EHR. This is important because my team is vital part of the practice’s success,” said Dr. Jenkins.