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Haghighi Family & Sports Medicine

In creating Haghighi Family & Sports Medicine, Dr. Michael Haghighi and his wife, Dr. Roshni Patel Haghighi, knew that they wanted an electronic health record (EHR) system. Dr. Haghighi had experienced the advantages of computerized patient records during his Mayo Clinic fellowship. He also remembered the chaos of paper charts while part of a group practice. “We had two rooms filled with them,” he recalls, “and spent a lot of time finding charts, losing charts and watching papers fall out.”

The Search: Starting with Certification

Dr. Haghighi began his search in 2006 with a list of EHR systems certified by the Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology (CCHIT). After six months of evaluating capabilities and watching system demonstrations, he narrowed the field to two possibilities — one of them was Aprima. At the annual American Academy of Family Physicians conference, Dr. Haghighi and Dr. Patel Haghighi compared Aprima side-by-side with its competitor.

“When my wife saw it for the first time, she could immediately make notes and navigate through the system as if she’d been doing it for a long while,” Dr. Haghighi remembers. “We both appreciate the efficiency and appearance of Aprima. We also appreciate the ability to make changes on the fly, without any special programming required behind the scenes.”

Opening a New Practice with an EHR System in Place

The Haghighi practice opened in early 2007 with Aprima as its foundation. The Aprima electronic health record/practice management (EHR/PM) solution has enabled the practice to operate with a lean office staff. For example, the practice doesn’t need a dedicated biller.

“Our office manager does the billing and collections. In just a couple of hours a day, you can do what you need to and move on,” Dr. Haghighi says. “Practice Insight EDI [electronic billing] has our claims going out and remittances coming in with impressive speed.”

In the exam room, the providers appreciate not only the speed but also the accuracy of having Welch-Allyn vital monitors, a Midmark ECG and spirometers, and labs interfacing directly with Aprima. This not only saves them time, but, more importantly, eliminates data-entry errors. Dr. Haghighi observes, “I’m doing more with this EHR system than I did at the Mayo Clinic.”

Dr. Haghighi has been impressed by the frequency of updates and improvements to Aprima since he first adopted it. “I’ve seen tremendous growth,” he says. “Every update has gotten better and better.”

Never Alone: the Security of Aprima Support

Dr. Haghighi and Dr. Patel Haghighi had one primary concern when selecting their EHR system: support.

“I think the biggest fear I had, looking at the multitude of systems out there, was that we would be left on our own, lost and without help,” Dr. Haghighi remembers. The doctor’s fear of being stranded with a nonfunctional system never came true. “Not one time since we purchased Aprima have I felt like I was all on my own — even back when I was, literally, the only Aprima practice in Jacksonville.”

Day-to-day service has been exceptional. However, it was a potentially nightmarish server crash that really demonstrated Aprima’s commitment to taking care of its practices. One night, the practice’s server froze and couldn’t be repaired. Every application had to be reinstalled. Dr. Haghighi’s IT consultants contacted Aprima technical support. Using its remote access and backup capabilities, Aprima reloaded the EHR/PM system and worked to fix all the device interfaces, e-prescribing and other connections.

The next day, Aprima technical support stayed live online with the practice’s staff until every function was fixed and working properly. Dr. Haghighi says, “They fixed it as we were talking. All the departments worked together to do what they had to do.”

Aprima’s remote backup, AprimaVault, enabled the entire system to be restored with no data loss. Patient data was reloaded from the backup server and the crash had no effect on patient care.

“Aprima has been great,” Dr. Haghighi says. “We needed Aprima’s support and they delivered in a big way. So I feel better than ever about Aprima.”

Dr. Haghighi continues to be pleased he chose Aprima for his new family practice. He says, “If you do it right, this is how the flow of a practice should be. I couldn’t practice without Aprima.”