Analyze cost and profitability, monitor contract under- and over-payments and investigate new revenue opportunities


Medical practices need business intelligence to benchmark, set goals, and analyze and monitor practice performance so they can effectively adjust workflow to maximize productivity, resource utilization and profitability.

Aprima’s proven business analytics suite helps analyze cost and profitability, monitor contract under- and over-payments and investigate new revenue opportunities.


Dashboards iconAprima helps you stay organized with a dashboard feature that can be personalized to each person. Whether it includes appointment schedules, lab and test results, financial performance, Meaningful Use tracking, tasks and messages, and a comprehensive patient information and messaging system that makes tracking daily operations much easier, you’ll be much more organized and efficient with everything in one place.


Scheduling iconScheduling analytics such as no-shows or cancellations will maximize patient workflow and the utilization of practice resources. Included with the scheduling analytics is audit reporting to make sure all patients seen have a superbill created so that no charges are lost or forgotten.


Productivity iconEasily compare provider productivity indicators against industry or internal benchmarks, showing multi-month averages, year to date or same month last year. Reports can be generated automatically at a set schedule and delivered to individual users.


Reporting iconAprima’s built-in reports are customizable and provide immediate access to a wide variety of clinical, financial and statistical information necessary to effectively manage your medical practice.


Denials iconOne of the biggest problems today related to insurance collections is denials. Our analytics dashboard will alert your team to the source of denials while continuously monitoring denials and resolution rates to ensure that the trends are heading in the right direction.

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