• The 2016 Aprima User Conference: another great meeting in books!

    The Aprima User Conference opening General Session
    “The 2016 user conference was the best ever, with more exciting product vendors and terrific user education programs, keeping Aprima users ‘ahead of the curve.’"  - Milton J. Klein, DO Dr. Klein is right: the 2016 Aprima User Conference was definitely top-notch!
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  • How to hack-proof your medical practice

    There was once a time that malicious hackers would skirt medical practices and health systems—a kind of a gentlemen’s agreement among thieves that sick people shouldn’t be a target for their nefarious plans. But that time has past. February’s ransomware attack of Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles was a wakeup call for the healthcare industry. And security experts expect that ransomware and other cyber attacks will increase due to the high value and sensitive nature of healthcare data.
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  • All roads lead to Dallas for Aprima’s 2016 User Conference

    The 7th annual Aprima User Conference is a “don’t miss” event that promises to provide unique benefits to each person in your practice, regardless of whether you’re a physician, administrator, or part of the clinical or office staff. But, don’t just take our word for it - check out what a few of our past participants have had to say: “After attending the Aprima User Conference, I find that anyone in a medical practice would benefit from attending.” – Donna Mellene, COO/Administrator, Stratton Rehabilitation Center
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  • Interoperability and Toppling the Tower of Babel

    Interoperability is a great concept. Unfortunately, when EHRs were first introduced, and stimulus dollars provided for their adoption, the healthcare industry failed to recognize the importance of interoperability! So today we have all these systems that can’t talk to one another. Essentially, we’ve created the healthcare IT version of the Tower of Babel.
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  • Aprima Earns Fundamental Building Block for Patient-Centered Medical Homes

    Good news for Aprima customers enrolled in or planning to enroll in the National Center for Quality Assurance (NCQA) Patient-Centered Medical Home program—our Aprima PRM 2016 solution was recently prevalidated by NCQA for PCMH.
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