• Data sharing: Why does it remain such a struggle?

    The potential benefits of clinical data sharing include better care coordination, a reduction in duplicative treatments and the reduced risk of medical error.
    Despite the widespread adoption of EHRs in recent years, data sharing between clinicians remains a struggle. In fact, a 2015 Commonwealth Fund International Health Policy Survey found that nearly 60% of all U.S. primary care providers were unable to electronically exchange patient clinical summaries with clinicians outside their practice. In other words, the majority of clinicians – and their patients – are still not realizing all the potential benefits of clinical data sharing, including better care coordination, a reduction in duplicative treatments and the reduced risk of medical error.
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  • Introducing a fully integrated cloud-based fax solution and the first-ever comprehensive digital document exchange directory that automatically optimizes transmissions to the most interoperable form of exchange

    Despite healthcare’s tremendous progress shifting to an electronic world, providers still rely on faxing to share documents. While Aprima remains committed to helping physicians digitize their practices, we recognize that some providers have been slow to jump onto the technology bandwagon – which means practices still need a fax solution for clinical document sharing.
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  • KLAS Recognizes Aprima as a High-performing Provider of RCM Services

    Source: KLAS report Ambulatory Billing Services 2016, page 5/ © 2016 KLAS Enterprises, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
    "We’re happy to report that Aprima earned the highest ratings among all vendors for our management of the claims denials process and for taking the RCM partnership “to the next level;” we also earned high marks for the “quality and effectiveness of account management.” KLAS summarized our performance by saying, “Aprima is another high-performing option for small practices. Providers admire Aprima’s dedication to helping them not only become aware of denied claims but also resolve them. Aprima’s focus on fixing rejected claims allows their client practices to feel at ease knowing their organization will bring in more revenue.”
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  • Who’s ready for MACRA/MIPS? Why Aprima is, of course!

    Based on the MIPS composite performance score, providers will receive adjustments based on these percentages.*
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  • The 2016 Aprima User Conference: another great meeting in books!

    The Aprima User Conference opening General Session
    “The 2016 user conference was the best ever, with more exciting product vendors and terrific user education programs, keeping Aprima users ‘ahead of the curve.’"  - Milton J. Klein, DO Dr. Klein is right: the 2016 Aprima User Conference was definitely top-notch!
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