• Aprima’s Adaptive Learning Technology and the AI/Machine Learning Buzz

    Aprima’s adaptive learning technology and the current AI/machine learning buzz                  The healthcare IT world has a never-ending love for buzz words. Every year new favorites emerge, including terms like interoperability, analytics, business intelligence, population health management and patient engagement. Not too many years ago, the hottest industry terms included cloud computing, software-as-a-service, and even EMR and EHR.
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  • Summer Means MACRA/MIPS Fun

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    When thinking about summer, what comes to mind? Warm beaches and cool pools? Family picnics and outdoor grilling? A vacation with the kids? Prepping and testing for MACRA and MIPS?
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  • Want to maximize your EHR and RCM investment? Attend the 2017 Aprima User Conference!

    Around the proverbial Aprima water cooler we occasionally discuss the perception that only about 20% of our available functionality is used by the average practice. Of course, it’s only a “perception” and we realize that it is likely an exaggeration.
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  • Integrity and Commitment

    If you follow healthcare IT-related news, then you are likely aware of a recent Justice Department announcement that a certain EHR vendor had agreed to a settlement stemming from a False Claims Act lawsuit.
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  • We Are Not a Bank: Changing the Payment Culture

    Small physician practices have begun to dread the first financial quarter of the year. It’s the time when many large bills come due, like medical malpractice insurance. Meanwhile, it’s become an incredibly lean time for cash flow, as patients work off their skyrocketing deductibles. Many practices find they are sending out bill after bill or grappling with patient payment plans that bring in revenue at a slow trickle. It has become unsustainable for small physician practices to essentially act as lender to their patients, while coping with their own expenses.
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