• Precision Medicine at the Point of Care

    By: Andrew Ury MD, Chief Executive Officer, ActX   
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  • Medical Practice Billing Challenges and Some Suggestions to Overcome Them

    By David Crooks, President and CEO, Easy Pay Solutions It’s not always easy for patients to understand their medical insurance, and in turn their medical bills. That confusion can lead to delayed payment and patient frustration. Most of us don’t have to regularly pay medical bills, so they are often a unique source of frustration. They are full of medical jargon that patients don’t understand and we typically don’t like paying for things we don’t understand.
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  • Make EPCS Compliance Easier, Protect Yourself and Your Patients

    By Jerry Cox, CISSP The ongoing rise in opioid addiction rates and the resulting overdoses make headlines daily. This isn’t a surprise, as forecasts predict that opioids could kill nearly 500,000 Americans in the next decade1.  Opioid overdoses will also cost the US economy hundreds of billions of dollars in the same timeframe. New regulations, such as the Electronic Prescription of Controlled Substances (EPCS), aim to reduce these trends by assisting doctors and pharmacies in recognizing both legitimate and concerning behaviors.
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  • Removing Friction from the Prescribing Process

    You know how it goes. You send a prescription, but you can’t always count on it being dispensed without some extra work. You often get calls from the pharmacy to clarify your intent, or to let you know the medication needs a prior authorization. Or, you get a call from your frustrated patient, who is suffering from full-blown pharmacy sticker shock when she learns that the medication you prescribed costs too much.
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  • Physician Lifestyle Profile: Dr. Michael Haghighi

    Dr. Michael Haghighi of Haghighi Family and Sports Medicine in Jacksonville, Florida has been an Aprima customer since 2007. We interviewed him to find out the impact of EHR on his lifestyle and practice. Background
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