Excellence is Richard Gibney, M.D.

Excellence is Richard Gibney, M.D.
Richard Gibney, M.D. receives Medal of Excellence Award from the American Association of Kidney Patients

Excellence in healthcare is often taken for granted. We all expect our medical professionals to be excellent at what they do – and for the most part they are. But within the realm of excellence, there are certain clinicians who stand above all others.

Our customer Richard Gibney, M.D. is one such physician. Dr. Gibney was recently recognized with the Medal of Excellence Award from the American Association of Kidney Patients. This prestigious award is given to those “who have contributed to the advancement and evolution of direct patient care, encouraged the expansion of the patient engagement model within the renal community and enhanced the quality of life for kidney patients and their families.”


Dr. Gibney was honored based on his demonstrated desire to achieve the best patient outcomes and empower patients to participate in their own care. We were not surprised by Dr. Gibney’s tenacity and commitment to his patients and profession, based on our experience serving as his practice’s EHR provider.

Much like treating a patient with a difficult diagnosis, Dr. Gibney performed a thorough due diligence when selecting his EHR. He went long and deep into the process, which included personal visits by Aprima executives and numerous product demonstrations. In the end, Dr. Gibney and his practice believed Aprima was the one vendor capable of handling both their immediate and future needs. As we do with every new customer, we included in his contract a comprehensive training and implementation plan that has been highly successful with other clients over the years.

Not long after the implementation process began, however, I received an evening call from Dr. Gibney. He was not liking our training process! He made it very clear that he is a big fan of Apple, and that he wanted our training to be more like an Apple Store experience, including the ability to get immediate training on any part of the application that the user wanted.

We spent a day or two restructuring the delivery of our training into smaller bites with frequent redundancy. We were able to simulate much of the Apple Store flexibility while also staying inside of the original budget and plan. The practice completed a successful implementation and we’ve maintained an excellent working relationship ever since.

Shortly after the go-live, Dr. Gibney called me again, this time to tell me how well the training had gone and validating the changes we made to accommodate his needs. His vision of how we could more effectively deliver training was as insightful as his vision for caring for his patients.

On another occasion, during our National User Conference, I was speaking with another practice about our training and implementation. Dr. Gibney walked over and briefly interrupted the conversation to say, “Your training is outstanding!” It was a priceless moment!

Takeaway: Dr. Gibney always seeks ways to do things better. In our case, it was EHR training. For the American Association of Kidney Patients, it’s for his care of patients. We congratulate Dr. Gibney for his excellence and for being a world class nephrologist!

Michael Nissenbaum, Aprima President and CEO

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