Aprima Earns Fundamental Building Block for Patient-Centered Medical Homes

Aprima Earns Fundamental Building Block for Patient-Centered Medical Homes

Good news for Aprima customers enrolled in or planning to enroll in the National Center for Quality Assurance (NCQA) Patient-Centered Medical Home program—our Aprima PRM 2016 solution was recently prevalidated by NCQA for PCMH.

NCQA PCMH Prevalidation is designed to help practices identify health IT solutions that alleviate or make more efficient the administrative aspects of meeting NCQA PCMH Program requirements. Aprima PRM 2016 is now officially one of those solutions, after a rigorous evaluation of reporting functions, report examples, screen shots, live demonstrations and other relevant documentation.

Heightened value for patient-centered medical home providers

So what does this new status mean for our customers participating in the NCQA PCMH recognition program?

Aprima PRM 2016 was prevalidated by NCQA to receive 28.24 autocredit points for 60 factors toward NCQA’s PCMH 2014 scoring. Aprima PRM 2016 also received a supporting designation for 82 additional factors in the PCMH 2014 Standards. This means practices are automatically given credit for several areas in the PCMH application process and do not have to submit documentation for the prevalidated factors.

It also means you’re using a solution that is officially recognized as one that enables the infrastructure of a PCMH, a model that’s getting a lot of notice these days. And for good reason: it’s one designed to organize and deliver high quality care at the right time and in the manner the patient prefers.

Here at Aprima, we strongly believe PCMHs are the way of the future, especially with the advent of chronic illnesses, like CHF and diabetes. These and other chronic conditions put patients at increased risk of hospital readmission, which CMS and other payers frown upon and penalize. PCMHs offer a timely and consistent way of delivering needed care to patients who are prone to hospitalization. (This also includes patients with disabilities, who often face difficulties accessing healthcare services and so must resort to using the hospital and the ER.)


The PCMH is also a model that aligns well with Aprima’s own mission to provide our customers with solutions that are patient-focused and support well-coordinated care.

Aprima has been supporting our customers’ efforts to achieve PCMH status since 2010, and our customer Potomac Physicians was the first practice in the country to achieve NCQA PCMH Level 3 status.

So with that, our customers can continue to expect Aprima to engage in voluntary processes such as NCQA Prevalidation for PCMN. And they can expect us to help them achieve their own objectives in this realm, as evidenced by Marc Mayer, D.O., president and medical director of the New Jersey-based Avenel Iselin Medical Group, who affirmed that, “Aprima worked closely with us during the approval and certification process to become a patient-centered medical home.”

Mayer added that this included help with tracking the data needed for reporting as a PCMH, a designation which Mayer says has ultimately been a “tremendous financial boost” for his healthcare organization.

Aprima customers that want to use autocredit in the PCMH application process should email for the NCQA-issued Prevalidation Summary Approval Table, NCQA Letter of Product Autocredit Approval, and a Letter of Product Implementation, which indicates which prevalidated tools/modules have been approved for autocredit.

For more information about Aprima PRM 2016’s designation as NCQA Prevalidated for PCMH, email We’re happy to talk with you about our solution that, like your own healthcare organization, puts patients first.

Neil Simon, Aprima COO

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