Aprima is Named 2019 Best in KLAS as the #1 Rated Small Practice Ambulatory EMR/PM Category for the 2nd Consecutive Year

Aprima is Named 2019 Best in KLAS as the #1 Rated Small Practice Ambulatory EMR/PM Category for the 2nd Consecutive Year

On the heels of Aprima’s acquisition by eMDs, Aprima’s software wins once again for helping healthcare organizations deliver quality care 

It’s always exciting to win an award or earn recognition, but the #1 rating the Aprima EHR/PM received in the 2019 Best in KLAS: Software & Services Report in January was extra special for one reason: it was from our customers.

KLAS utilizes two methods to collect their data. Initially, KLAS conducts a series of vendor evaluations that are completed by healthcare provider organizations. Then, KLAS performs in-depth, confidential interviews with those providers to gain valuable insight into specific strengths, weaknesses and future expectations for each product. The top vendors in the EHR industry were included in the Small Practice Ambulatory EMR/PM Category (1-10 physicians) Aprima is very proud to have been ranked #1.  

That indicates our customers gave their thoughtful input on all the attributes that make up the KLAS rating: culture, loyalty, operations, product, relationship and value. Our overall score was 84.6 out 100, a higher score than the vendor average in this category by nearly 10 points.

KLAS president Adam Gale explained that Best in KLAS is about raising the bar for healthcare technology. “It’s providers and payers demanding better performance, usability, and interoperability,” he said. “Ultimately, Best in KLAS is about giving providers and payers the tools they need to facilitate superior care and improved outcomes.”

Joining Forces with eMDs

The rating is also meaningful because it is our second in a row from KLAS and it arrived a day after the announcement of Aprima’s acquisition by eMDs, another market leader in the space. The industry recognition is an affirmation of the synergies that will be created by the power of the new combined brands. By two market leaders in the EHR, PM and RCM industry coming together, we will be able to offer greater scale, innovation and benefits to help providers enhance patient care and satisfaction, as well as decrease operational burden and improve their practices’ bottom lines.

It's very critical that we understand our customers’ needs and concerns. Accordingly, eMDs conducts our own ongoing customer surveys with a view towards providing the best possible customer service and gaining insight into their needs and wants regarding future technological and service enhancements.

Continuous improvement

We’re proud of the accomplishments and recognition we’ve earned, but we are not resting on our laurels. eMDs is constantly improving the Aprima EHR/PM system. From telehealth to real-time benefit and authorization information, we are incorporating new technologies before practices know that they need them. We’re also constantly seeking feedback and ideas from our practices, so don’t hesitate to let us know if there is a feature we could improve or create that would help you deliver high-quality care in less time and with greater economic fulfillment.

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