• Aprima is Named 2019 Best in KLAS as the #1 Rated Small Practice Ambulatory EMR/PM Category for the 2nd Consecutive Year

    On the heels of Aprima’s acquisition by eMDs, Aprima’s software wins once again for helping healthcare organizations deliver quality care  It’s always exciting to win an award or earn recognition, but the #1 rating the Aprima EHR/PM received in the 2019 Best in KLAS: Software & Services Report in January was extra special for one reason: it was from our customers.
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  • Aprima EHR Adoption Improves Neurology Practice Workflows and Communication

    Neurology practice improves patient communication, provider satisfaction with Aprima adoption
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  • Best Practices for Switching EHRs

    When practices come to us for help transitioning off their software many ask What are the best practices for switching EHRs?
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  • Tools to Help your Practice Optimize the End-of-Year Rush and Help Your Patients Optimize their High-Deductible Medical Plans

    With the final weeks of 2018 now upon us, your practice may seem busier than a big box store on Black Friday. Patients are anxious to make the most of any medical deductibles that have already been met for the plan year, so they can minimize future out-of-pocket costs. Your patients are likely also focusing on preventive care or other medical services and procedures that they can lock in before their health savings accounts (HSAs) and flexible spending accounts (FSAs) re-set at year’s end.
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  • You Just Can’t Trust Medication Adherence Data—or Can You?

    The $100B Problem What good is data if you can’t trust it? Medication adherence data is the least trusted type of medication information among physicians. Why? Because they don’t have access to this information from reliable sources. A majority of 300 physicians Surescripts and ORC International recently surveyed (83%) say they want easy electronic access to this data—but only 17% of those physicians have access. 
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