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Aprima’s innovative PM technology helps providers get paid better and faster while improving the patient experience.

Our comprehensive billing and collections software not only handles typical insurance and patient types of billing and collections, but also helps practices manage the new and expanded coding requirements, accommodates newer payment models such as bundled payments, and includes unique features for federally qualified health centers (FQHC) guidelines, sliding fee schedules, uniform data system (UDS) reporting and tracking, as well as billing tools for behavioral health services.

Patient Check-out

Patient Check-out iconStreamline check-out with Aprima’s automatic superbills and patient information. As the visit concludes, providers receive recommended E&M coding based on their level of documentation, diagnosis and procedure information. Upon completion, a superbill is created and routed to patient check-out often arriving before the patient even leaves the room. Aprima’s eligibility verification can help you confirm medical necessity, eliminate errors and gain instant access to CMS descriptions of coding rules. As part of the checkout process, any patient education, return to work/school forms, and other documents are ready and waiting for the patient as well.


ICD-10 iconAprima’s integrated EHR and PM solution includes code and terminology mappings and expanded search capabilities that can be used to capture the clinical content at the point-of-care. Using their own words, providers can simultaneously use Aprima’s clinical terms, which map to the most appropriate billing and reference codes for reimbursement and ongoing MU requirements. Our innovative tools enable practices to enhance documentation and more effectively analyze billing outcomes – increasing reimbursements and timely payments, and reducing denials and underpayments.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Electronic Data Interchange iconAprima helps you submit claims and receive payment quickly and conveniently, significantly reducing time in accounts receivable. Pre-submission edit checks improve clean claims rates and the automatic posting of insurance payments streamline the time and effort needed to handle the vast majority of incoming payments. This allows your staff to focus on the few items that need special attention. Aprima’s HIPAA-compliant EDI tool interfaces with the messaging capabilities to help you track and resolve issues as they arise for fast claims resolution.

Patient Statements

Patient Statements iconPatient statements not only help collect revenue and key financial information, but they also are a means to improve patient communications and satisfaction. Aprima makes it easier to manage patient billing and correspondence quickly and economically. Practices have the option to print statements in house, or send them electronically in a much more timely and efficient manner, much like submission of insurance claims.

Authorizations and Cases

Authorizations and Cases iconEasily manage authorizations and cases for situations like Workers Compensation and Personal Injury with a solution that provides a comprehensive history for an unlimited number of cases. Our tools integrate with the task management capability for total functionality.

Credit Card Processing

Credit card iconSave time and reduce errors with integrated posting of all major credit/debit card payments to your patient ledger. The Aprima PM solution enables patients to keep a card on file, approve automated recurring payments and make payments through the portal.

Electronic Remittances

Electronic Remittances iconWith Aprima, electronic remittance advice (ERA) responses are processed automatically. An update to your A/R is posted real time and the information is applied to patients’ accounts and superbills, improving accuracy and office staff productivity.

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